A day in the life of a Recreation Assistant

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Welcome

It’s Saturday morning and my alarm sounds, it is time to get up. I jump out of bed ready to tackle the world, well that’s the image I have, but reality it is more like a roll. Preparing myself for a busy shift down at Ladybridge High, checking the booking system one last time and grabbing my packed lunch from the fridge, not forgetting a large coffee to go.

As I pop the padlock on the car park, one of the awkward twists to get the key out that you learn from time served. No time to waste on this Saturday morning, Sanitizing Stations are out, Toilets clean, health and safety checks done and not forgetting those swimming pool covers which act as my daily upper body workout. The school is now open for my community to use.

I wear my uniform with pride, there is a smile on my face and armed with my clip board it is time to meet and greet. 10 grassroots teams and the entourage of soccer moms on to the 3G and grass pitches, a herd of junior swimmers in the costumes getting ready for the first dive into the pool, learning a skill which will stay with them for life, along with a school of toddlers getting their first experience of football in the sports hall.

As I look around the school the baby footballers have melted my heart, waddling in with their nappies under their football kits and a rucksack on their backs. As the first swimmers leave hair ted up and onesies on. We make all this possible but for now I need a well-earned brew.

While directing all new arrivals onto the astro to warm up and also keep in line with social distancing, I wind up the matches on the 3G and clear the area watching the faces for joy and despair.

The afternoon is back-to-back bookings, but this gives me time to clean and fog the facilities, litter pick and prepare for Sundays bookings which my husband staffs – a real family affair. I spend time talking to our customers and visitors at our venue, building working relationships, enhancing the customer experience and journey with myself and Edu-Lettings.

Once I have completed facility checks and secured the building, I have walked around 19,000 steps, but with the job satisfaction of providing a fun safe place to play for local families and the diversity of the role makes it all worthwhile. I still need a good hot bubble bath and a chippy tea to put the finish to a prefect day.