The Magic of the FA Cup 

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Who would of guessed EDU Lettings would have such close links to the magic of the FA cup, this Saturday coming there is a huge game coming up! The last qualifying round for one of England’s most prestigious competitions, in the world’s favourite sport, the FA Cup. We will see Bury AFC take on York City FC, with what is expected to be a sold-out stadium just to add to the spectacle. 

This match means a lot to either club, but even more to us here at Edu-Lettings. We’ve got personal ties with both clubs *Just going to hope for a close game – we say nervously*, Andy Welch who manages Bury AFC also is a hirer with us for Forza Football, and on the other side of the bout, we have Kingsley James who is the York City FC assistant manager and runs Pro Player Academy with us. 

Andy and Kingsley both passionately coach their respective clubs and grassroot football sessions, with a thriving community being the focus. They’re equally tuned into the scene with comments like this: “Football is community-based, and always will be” definitely ring home. Across both Forza Football & Pro Player, there are various age groups that kids can participate in and get active! We live in a world where entertainment is at our fingertips constantly… iPads, Xbox, even Alexa, and kids don’t need to go and ‘find’ entertainment anymore, so it’s pivotal and so important to remind them of the joys of community, the comradery between teammates, and building friendships over a shared hobby.

Anyone who casually watches football may not know the lengths clubs go to in the lower divisions to get into the FA Cup, Bury AFC & York City FC respectively are in their 4thQualifying match before it reaches the official Round 1. The knock-on effect for clubs like Bury & York is breathtakingly staggering. 

Andy described it as “Absolutely huge for both clubs the prize money and a draw against a bigger team means more revenue that can be put back into the club and help to build the club’s profile.” 

That’s what each and every cup fixture is for the clubs at this level, it’s a chance to gain funding to keep building on their respective projects. Especially for Bury AFC who are a ‘phoenix’ team of the original Bury FC. Unfortunately, Bury FC was expelled from the footballing division and now Bury AFC are striving to make an epic comeback up the ranks since their Revival in 2019. 

If you’ve grown a small affinity for Andy or even got a kindred spirit for Kingsley, below are some links where you can check them out for either the Saturday Game or for their other superb community coaching programmes. 

Match Details – Saturday, 15th October 2022 at the Neuven Stadium in Radcliffe Greater Manchester – Hurry as Tickets are going fast.

Bury AFC:

York City:

Forza Football:

Pro Player:

Do support your local teams whenever you can, the essence of the community is one of the real beautiful wonders that everyone can take pride in. Follow both programmes on socials or share with some friends who may be interested in a wide range of coaching, whether it’s boys or girls, kids or teenagers, everyone can be a part of a team!