Love for the Lionesses and Busy run into Winter Training!

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The emotions and moments captured in that victorious match of the women’s final of the euros are strictly indescribable. The positive upshot that can come from this and renovate the industry for future girls is brilliant and challenging to even conceptualise. Football is hugely popular here at Edu-lettings and this blog will also touch on how we assist with making sure teams can enable their winter training with us.

Being swept up in the excitement of women’s football was enthralling, moving, and empowering! England has seen success in men’s football, but the ultimate prize was claimed by the ladies, and they have etched the nation’s name into history once again! We are looking forward in hope to see more sports classes that are either mixed genders or female groups, as the next generation need to get practising so we can perform at peak level again. If you are interested in providing a class or joining a class we are always willing to do what we can to craft a vivid network, if you’d like to book one of our expert-level facilities please visit or if you are looking to join an existing group, you can call our bookings number and maybe we can point you in a good direction, call on 03331 020 303.

Sport is for everyone, and it’s encouraged that people do take part as it has great physical and mental benefits, especially in the long run. Speaking of a run, we are into the run-up to winter training, which is one of our busiest times of the year. We have facilities that are vital to the community for when the weather turns. These may be 3G & 2G pitches, sports halls, including indoor cricket nets at certain venues, with ample opportunities for winter training with crucial floodlights available majority of cases.

We had the pleasure of having a special one-to-one chat with a hirer of ours this week, Widnes Dragons FC, who said not only is it very helpful to have access to community facilities all year round, but they also said it’s very helpful to have floodlights for when the nights are getting shorter. We also touched base on the facilities as well, they said that grass is easily most favoured, however, having the readiness of 3G is “a huge bonus” when grass pitches aren’t suitable for play. Joining a club isn’t just for the sport, it’s a crucial element of a child’s development: “The social aspect of a team is important to the growth and interaction of kids and their social skills.”

Check out the Widnes Dragons FC Facebook page here if you’re interested in finding out more about them:

If you’re in the loop you will notice we’ve opened our FPL mini league to the public with some remarkable prizes for the top three-point scorers for those that are premier league daft. The shining prize of 2x premier league matchday tickets for the winner, and for second and third Amazon gift vouchers to treat yourself. The prizes are generously donated with no entry fee included so everyone can partake! Competitions like this can be discovered on our social media, of which the links are at the bottom of this webpage or any of the pages on

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Looking forward to seeing you soon, Edu-Lettings.