How we Maximise Community Lettings in Your Venue

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Welcome

At Edu-Lettings we pride ourselves on providing local communities with safe, accessible, and realistically priced facilities, whilst also giving schools the time to focus on education, alongside delivering a hassle-free stream of revenue to support their provision.

Since our launch in July 2020, we have been able to support 32 educational venues and over 1500hiring groups and counting! Our venues have all seen new hirers utilise their spaces, alongside any existing hirers given price freezes and first refusal on their existing slots during the onboarding phase, ensuring that existing community users can continue to thrive at the venue.

  • We initially provide schools with a realistic and achievable forecast based on their facilities available, demographics, competitors, established hirer information and price points amongst other factors. Doing our local research, alongside years of industry knowledge, has proved its worth, with our venues tracking at 112% towards forecasts Nationally pre Covid-19 closures! We’ve picked out a handful of points on how we ensure our venues utilisation is maximised below:
  • A dedicated Hirer and Sales team that focus on not only giving hirers a best-in-class service, but also a focus on promotion and sales through strategic, tailored marketing strategies.
  • A National Partnerships manager that focuses on not only establishing relationships with some of the biggest sporting bodies and companies in the Country (see our partners page), but also making sure these are utilising our venues.
  • Targeted and paid social media advertising and outreach.
  • Industry leading marketing CRM, providing us with much needed data to help shape our marketing campaigns accordingly.
  • A service focused and fair priced approach to all hirers, ensuring we retain their bookings long term, whilst supporting them through marketing their clubs and classes, leading to them growing, and in turn booking more facilities, longer!

For more information on how we can help support your venue today, email or hit contact us and our Director Nick will be happy to help!