Recruitment and Progression at Edu-Lettings

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

As Edu-Lettings evolves so does the team that empowers it. Here at Edu, we proudly promote from within where possible, we take great pride in seeing quality work and top-level commitment from our staff, which does not go unrecognised.

One member of staff that continued to shine is the magnificent Hannah. We are honoured to say that Hannah has been with us since our launch in 2020, and she has been a vital part of our team and helped us get to where we are today.

Hannah started initially as a Recreational Assistant based in Manchester, but due to great confidence and fantastic work, she was given the opportunity to multi-site. Multi-siting requires flexibility, self- assurance, and superb communication, which Hannah had, and some probably spare too. We realised early on that we could have a real gem in our team and made the easy decision for Hannah to become a Recreational Lead.

Hannah went above and beyond for us, whilst providing sports, leisure, and education opportunities she grew a genuine affinity with those clients. Which put her in the premium position to know how best to organise and prepare to make the clients’ time with us as best as possible. That initiative and forward-thinking attitude of Hannah’s got her the role of Operations Supervisor.

In this fresh new role, Hannah again surpassed expectations whilst operating her own team, providing support for others, and finding more superstars like herself to join as recreational assistants. It was also a pleasure to have her working closer to the head office so we can ensure she gets the support she needs as well as her supporting us.

Recently Hanna’s dedication to her work has earned her another job title, this time in the prestigious role of Regional Operations Manager. We now have the pleasure of Hannah being directly involved with our stakeholders, the bookings team, recreation assistants, operations and the SLT’s. The effect Hannah has had on our business is remarkable within two years, and we cannot commend her enough for her continued output. With Hannah being a Regional Operations Manager, we have high hopes to continue our growth and continually provide an excellent service to both the communities we touch and the schools we interact with.

A typical day in Hannah’s new role managing the Northwest starts with something she is gifted at, communication. Hannah communicates with our bookings team, clients, her schools, and Recreational Assistants in her region. We aim to treat each client like they are special, Hannah helps organise any specific notes or requests and communicates these to the talented staff she has on the ground. Managing multiple sites where obstacles may need to be overcome is a challenge for anyone, but the wonderful Hannah does an amazing job thanks to her composure, planning, and how she supports her team.

Hannah regularly will touch base and meet her operatives whilst they are on shift to check in with them and to make sure they have everything they need to succeed. This level of care and passion is what allows us to treat our clients with first-class service and is how we aim to make your bookings run as smooth as possible.

Hannah’s story is mighty impressive, and we couldn’t be prouder of her progression and development. We are always happy to see the positive feedback flowing in, and we are so blessed here at EDU that we have staff like Hannah.