The Journey to See All Our Venues

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Uncategorized

The joy of the journey to see all the venues we host across England could be compared to Jules Verne novel surrounding the tales of Phileas Fogg.  Our Managing Director Nick Bowen and the staff at EDU are always pushing to connect with as many communities across England as possible and Nick has finally had the pleasure of witnessing all our venues in action.

Visiting all our venues is a challenge, but we do have venues in some of the paramount parts of England. We have sites ranging from Southampton, Leeds, London, Manchester, Gloucester, and many in between. It took 22 months to tick them all off the list because as Nick was getting close, we’d open another. The full list can be found on our booking page if you want to see your nearest Edu Site:

Who doesn’t love a day out from the Office? As much as Nick loves his job, being at a desk looking at screens all day can become a bit arduous. When Nick visits a site, it’s a charming change of pace and we absolutely love it when he visits. He uses that time on site and makes it a special moment for everyone, whether it be our clients, spectators, or especially our staff. Meeting Nick for the first time will make you realise he is far more than just a businessman; he is a down-to-earth and kind-hearted person who has everyone’s best interest at heart.

The people Nick has met on this journey is a diverse list, but so are the activities he’s seen. Whether it be a club focusing on health or mental well-being, or a very prestigious and meticulously planned performance, Nick has certainly seen all sorts of fun taking place. One of his favourites is Ludo Sports. This scratches Nick’s Star Wars spot because it’s in essence as close as you can get to being a Jedi, or as Nick describes it “Fencing for Star Wars fans”.

On Nick’s quest, some visits have gone easier than others. It’s not always a lovely outing down a B-road en route to the venue, a lot of the time it’s involving big boring motorways. Sadly, Nick once spent a painstaking 7 hours sat dead in traffic on the M6 when trying to visit a site, I bet he will never forget that day. Nick’s travelling luck isn’t always there when he leaves the car at home either; When travelling to London he often opts for the train and then proceeds to get lost on the tube, which to be honest, you need Jedi mind-reading powers to understand.

Nick’s travels do go well 95% of the time and he spends his time listening to talk sports or a recent favourite of his, Peter Crouch and Jake Humphrey’s Podcast. When he’s out and about he also loves a good scout. Nick enjoys looking for the next opportunity for the community and investigating schools & academies, to see if they have any nice facilities that aren’t getting fully utilised. That’s a snapshot of Nick’s journey which will still be continuing as we grow, don’t forget if you know of a school or academy, we’d love an intro to them and if they choose EDU, you will get yourself £500 in Amazon Gift Vouchers. It takes a special man to balance all those visits alongside other duties, and we can’t wait to see where Nick’s special journey goes to next!