How EDU Gives Back

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Uncategorized

We’ve all had bad days and the people who shed a single silver lining in a dark cloud that we remember most! Sharing truly is caring; without coming together to create something better, we don’t get far. Edu-Lettings is committed to giving back as much as possible to those who need it most.

We take massive pride in seeing happy clientele and if we can support them, we are always interested. Edu-Lettings proudly sponsored and supplied three football teams with shirts, and a basketball team with new jerseys and gave additional support to a disabled sports group that is not only booked with us but is run by a member of our staff! We do more than just sponsor a few teams, we also aid both our partnered schools and select groups with sporting equipment too as we appreciate funding can be tough at times.

Halifax D.F.C is run by our very own Gavin Payne, and they help support and facilitate sports bookings with us for a varied group of people who are disabled. Bringing people together for sports is such a great way to combat some of the lingering negativity of people’s day-to-day. At Halifax D.F.C they accept virtually any disability and boast an impressive 118 members with 20 registered players within the West Riding County Football Association. Their group is always looking for new members with any ability level to be welcomed with open arms. Whether their participants struggle mentally, have visual impairments, or have challenging conditions such as cerebral palsy they are all welcomed into a growing, and positive community.

Halifax D.F.C recently celebrated their 1st year anniversary and what they have achieved in that year is nothing short of brilliant! Please show them some love if you have some time:

Supporting the community is something we believe in strongly and we do it for the good of the clubs, here is a short quote from our Managing Director and sports-mad, Nick Bowen.

“When I visit sites there is nothing more pleasing than seeing them utilised and the range of activities taking place. Anyway that EDU can help and support we will, to see the teams smile as they look proud in their new kits, gives them a spark and a smile before they step onto the field or court.”

The funding is split tightly around schools and academies around the country, and we recognise that with their facilities getting more use, the up-keep of the equipment needs to be tip-top too. We have helped academies and schools by raising funding for them to get new and or replace equipment such as nets, posts, goals, and hoops to ensure that schools have what they need for P.E as well as what the community needs for out-of-hours activities.

The nation stood still last summer when we watched Christian Eriksen on the pitch in desperate need of lifesaving equipment. It is known that having a defibrillator is a massive help in emergency situations, if used within the first minute the survival rate is 90%, if used within the first 3-5 mins there is a 74% chance of survival. They are essential bits of kit and we have found this out the hard way. Recently, a quick and calm-thinking member of our staff used their knowledge and training to provide a needed defibrillator to the group’s first aider after a cardiac arrest had occurred. The member of the group’s life was saved, and they are now recovering. Since this incident happened, we have now contacted all our venues that didn’t have a defibrillator on-site and offered our support in the purchase of one.

We will continue to support people as we move forward and don’t forget to spread a bit of kindness where you can as well. We hope to see you at one of our venues very soon!